TULSA, Oklahoma - The city of Tulsa is no longer a well-kept secret from the rest of the country.

There are local businesses growing in Tulsa but also business people from out of town, and that’s all evident along 11th Street.

There, a block of buildings that once sat empty along Route 66 in Tulsa is now almost full of businesses.

"It takes a lot of patience to make these things work," said Route 66 property owner Marvin Shirley.

Shirley just signed three new leases for his space near 11th and Peoria - an art gallery, a showroom and a woman’s clothing boutique.

Directly across the street is The Pearl Shops, where a new sign is up and a new tenant is moving in.

Currently based in Dallas and Kansas City, the owners of Josey Records knew they had to get in on what was happening in Tulsa - and they said they loved the idea of being along Route 66.

"There is an old hardware store turning into retail. You’ve got these old retail stores being refurbished into modern retail.  You still have a transmission center right here and that is 'old school' Route 66," said Patrick Fox with Fox & Allen Realty.

There has been an influx of developers and business owners from outlying cities - Nashville, Dallas and Houston - here to check out Tulsa.

"There are a lot of similarities (in Tulsa) as far as growth and the makeup of the city and the spirit of the cities,” said Fox.

Shirley pointed out the collaborative nature of all the business owners and developers in Tulsa, saying "We are all trying to develop all the way at least to Yale as a retail hub and an interesting environment."

Environments that are perfect fits for eclectic business to grow.

Fox called the developers patient and committed, "Not only committed to building these spaces out, but they want certain types of businesses to be here.”

Josey Records plans to open its doors in March.