TULSA, Oklahoma - Steven Wade Jameson of Stillwater was back in a Tulsa courtroom briefly Wednesday morning for the first time since a judge let him withdraw his guilty plea two weeks ago. 

Jameson was at the courthouse for his arraignment in a case that has dragged on for nearly seven years. Wednesday's arraignment was postponed until April 12th.  

Prosecutors say Steven Wade Jameson, 27, had marijuana in his system on Christmas Eve of 2009 when he crashed into another car west of Sand Springs on Highway 51.  Michael and Angela Mulanax as well as their son, James were killed in that crash.

Jameson originally pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter charges and a judge sentenced him to 24 years in prison.

Last year, a judge vacated Jameson's conviction and Jameson was released from prison.  But, then a state appeals court overturned that decision and Jameson returned to prison.

Following that decision, Jameson asked the court to withdraw his guilty plea.