TULSA, Oklahoma - Department of Corrections officials believe a fugitive who has been on the run for two years may be in the Tulsa and Tahlequah areas.  Edmund Owens, 37, is one of the top 15 fugitives in eastern Oklahoma, according to a release from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

Department of Corrections agents believe Owens may be in the Tulsa and/or Tahlequah areas. They say he has known gang ties, is believed to be trafficking in drugs and has been associated with several alleged assaults in the last two years.

Corrections Director Joe M. Allbaugh said Owens is a threat to the public. He wants anyone with information about the wanted man to come forward. 

“As agents get closer, Owens is getting more desperate,” Allbaugh said. “We will track him down along with those harboring him and ensure they are prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law."

Owens is 5'10 and 200 pounds. He was on probation for drug trafficking when he failed to report to his parole officer, the news release states. He's also been convicted of possession of a stolen vehicle and concealing stolen property.

If you have any information on Owens, call local law enforcement, the DOC fugitive warrants division at 405-425-2570 or write warrants@doc.ok.gov.