TULSA, Oklahoma - The Tulsa SPCA is making it more affordable for pet owners to spay and neuter their animals.  The first of their low-cost clinics was held Wednesday. 

The clinic will be open on each Wednesday, but pet owners do need to make appointments. They hope to cut down on the number of animals that are crowding area shelters.

"An unaltered female dog and her offspring can have as many as 500 pups in several years; cats as many as 5,000 within a few years," said Curtis Adams, Tulsa SPCA. "So spaying and neutering your pets really helps reduce animal overpopulation." 

Adams said they had 10 animals for their first clinic. Call 918-428-7722 to make an appointment. They're located at 2910 Mohawk Boulevard.


  • Spay/neuter dog over 30 pounds or over 6 months of age: $55
  • Spay/neuter puppy: $40
  • Spay/neuter adult cat over 6 months of age: $35
  • Spay/neuter kitten: $25
  • Dental – includes antibiotics (at time of spay/neuter): $70