SKIATOOK, Oklahoma - Skiatook Public Schools hopes voters will approve a new bond issue to repair and replace several buildings, and buy new buses.

The vote is next Tuesday.

The bond issue would cover both buses and buildings. According to the district, the $19.8 million would meet those needs for the next five years.

Superintendent Rick Thomas said the district needs to expand Skiatook Elementary so they'll have room as young families move to town.

“In a school district, you don't want to get behind the eight ball on growth and not have a place to put them,” he said.

Thomas said the 24 projects on the list came out of dozens of meetings over what was most important for the district.

He's given dozens of talks to explain what's on the ballot.

The most urgent project would be a new roof for Marrs Elementary and the High School.

The most expensive project is a new fieldhouse by the stadium, replacing one of the oldest buildings in the district.

The elementary expansion is the next most expensive, adding 14 new classrooms and creating a second and third grade center.

The bond proposals total $19,875,000, but the ballot is split in two parts between buildings and buses.

The money would come from property taxes but the rate would not change.

Thomas said, "I think the community has gotten behind the school and wants good things for our kids, so they usually support bond issues."

The projects are all what the district considers basic needs - things like repairs to parking lots and lighting, and replacing the oldest buses in the fleet.

The district would build out the around the stadium, for the first time adding bathrooms for visiting teams.

The bond does include material for classrooms - books and technology and furniture - things needed in the classrooms they have and the classrooms they're planning to build.