MANNFORD, Oklahoma - People living near Mannford are concerned about their pets after a woman found a dog’s severed body near the Keystone Dam.

The gruesome discovery comes after an English bulldog was found in town cut open.

Right now it's unclear if the two incidents are related, or if the dog near Keystone Dam was even abused. However, the two findings have dog owners worried about their pets.

Tina Frost is an avid animal lover. She comes down to a rural area near the Keystone Dam to look for eagles, but on Monday, her peaceful drive was disrupted.

“I could not believe what I was seeing,” Frost said. “This dog is completely decapitated."

Just a few yards down from the train tracks was a female pit bull, dead.

There are remnants of blood and fur on the tracks, but the dog is eerily intact other than the clear cut severing the two parts.

Frost said, “The way that the body is lying, it doesn't look like that would be the case because you would think that one part of it would be in one place and one part in the other, but it's right there together."

Frost said she posted about the dog on Facebook, trying to find the owner, and was bombarded with responses.

"I noticed there are a lot of missing dogs," she said.

Kristin Moody was one of the commenters. Her English bulldog was found sliced open in a Mannford backyard last month just a block from her home.

Moody said she believes someone took the dog, Jack, out of her backyard, tortured him and then left him to die.

"I think people are worried; and I think, at the very least, we need to let people know that keep a better eye on your pets and make sure you know where they're at at all times, because even if the train is what hurt this little girl, she lost her life for no reason," Frost said.

At this point, Frost said it's hard to tell exactly who or what killed the dog, but, she said she will be holding her fur babies a little tighter.
Frost has reported the dog's death to the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.

As for the Mannford dog, police have questioned people who live in the area where the dog was found but didn't find anything.