JENKS, Oklahoma - Most of the time, National Signing Day is all about the sport, but this year at Jenks High, that wasn't the case.

One Trojan senior committed to serving her country.

One week ago, with the stroke of a pen, Jenks senior Hannah Roth committed not just to play college soccer, but to start down a path to serving her country by going to the Citadel.

Jenks head coach Jo Johnson said, "There's not a better person to represent us and our country."

"It was a hard decision, honestly. I was looking at a lot of schools and nothing had what I wanted, except for the Citadel," Roth said.

Johnson said, "I think she's one of the toughest kids I've ever been around, one of the bravest and strongest."

Roth comes from a military family – her parents were both in the Navy.

But, all military branches are represented at the Citadel, and Roth is going in a different direction.

"I want to do political science and intelligence, and I want to go and be in the Marines, and, after that, I want to be in the CIA," she said. "I want to better myself and better my country, and I want to be there and do it."

Not to be lost in all this, she’ll be playing D1 soccer as well.

Roth said, "I've always wanted to play D1 college soccer since I was a kid, and when I heard about the Citadel and heard about what it had to offer, soccer just came along with it and it was the best thing that could happen."

"I feel like the Citadel is one where the challenge is there, and if I can pass that, I can pass anything," she said.