TULSA, Oklahoma - A company offering prepared meal plans and nutrition advice closed both of its Tulsa locations unexpectedly Thursday, leaving customers with questions.

Anyone trying to step into My Fit Foods faced a locked door with no explanation - but there's at least one Tulsa business owner that wants customers to take a chance with him for their next meal.

Customers showing up to either of the My Fit Foods locations in Tulsa could only find out about the store closures on Facebook.

The general manager of the Cherry Street location apologized, saying he wasn't given much notice.

A Facebook post for the location in south Tulsa says the store was notified Wednesday night - "without warning or explanation" - that both Tulsa stores would close "immediately."

"Well Tulsa thank you for supporting us over the years and a big thank you from me, Jordan H. (Nutrition Coach/General Manager) for making the last couple of months really enjoyable. My Fit Foods Tulsa is effectively closed. Sorry to let you all know this way but I wasn't given much time myself. From the bottom of my crew and I hearts we will miss you all and are grateful to have met such wonderful people!!"

That post encouraged customers to reach out to the corporate office for refunds, but, for now, there are no more prepared meals in pre-portioned sizes.

"It was really convenient. The service was great, the food was great," said customer Erin Gebhard.

Gebhard and her friend, Taylor Grauer, have both eaten there before.

"When I've been in there, there's only been maybe like one or two other people in there at a time," Grauer said.

But other customers may use My Fit Foods for an entire pre-paid meal plan.

Balanced Fork co-owner John Behles wants to help out those pre-paid customers by offering up to a week's worth of food, for free.

"Five breakfasts, five lunches and five dinners," Behles said.

His company, only a few months into business, has a similar concept.

"Rather than having to go shopping, and preparing food, and cooking and then cleaning, they are basically able to pick up their meals," Behles said.

As for Grauer and Gebhard, they're just fine going across the street, to Andolini’s, for their next meal to celebrate National Pizza Day.

We called and emailed My Fit Foods asking about the closures, but did not hear back.

James Ensley, general manager of the Vineyards location responded to one of our messages saying:

"At my store, I had myself and 4 employees. I had actually received an email Tuesday morning with approval from Corporate office to hire a 5th employee.  Later Tuesday evening, about 9pm. I received a call from my District Manager saying effective immediately both Tulsa locations were closing.  I was then given the task to contact all my employees and inform them that they no longer had a job.  I wish I could tell you what happen to the food that was left in the store.  We were not allowed back in the stores as locks were changed over night.  I had attempted to contact current clients to inform them of the situation and was immediately locked out of all databases.  I was not happy with the way the corporate office was handling letting the clients know which is what prompted my Facebook post."

We also asked if he was given any reason why the stores closed, Ensley said, "No, they offered no reasons or answered any of our questions."