TULSA, Oklahoma - School's out this week for spring break, but some Tulsa kids spent part of the day surrounded by science. 

The Discovery Lab opened its doors Sunday just for children who have autism or sensory processing disorders. 

The Discovery Lab opened up a couple hours early to give all the kids their own time and space to play. 

Kids can play with water, learn about wind and just have fun. 

"So, they can really touch, and feel and explore anything," said Valerie Lawson with the Autism Center of Tulsa. 

But it's quieter than it usually is. 

"Discovery lab can get a little bit loud. This room echos and the kids running through the tape tunnel can get a little bit loud and overwhelming," said Lynnsey Childress with the Discovery Lab. 

Childress said that's why they set aside time March 12 for children with autism and sensory processing disorders.

They came in to play before normal business hours. 

"It's just a little bit more quiet, a little bit more controlled environment," Childress said. 

"Our families feel so isolated, and it's so hard for them to feel comfortable bringing their kids out in public. and this is a place where they feel safe," Lawson said. 

Lawson said one thing some people don't understand about autism is that every person, including her son, is unique. 

She said every child with autism is completely different when it comes to affection. 

"Just like my son, he gives hugs all day long, he needs hugs and he gives them like crazy. Some kids don't want to be touched at all," Lawson said. 

And whether it's pressing a button or holding a dinosaur, the goal is the same. 

"We really want kids to see that science can be fun!"

And the fun's not over. The Discovery Lab plans to have another event coming up in June.