TULSA, Oklahoma - A sweet Tweet showing an elderly man donating a bag of tennis balls to the Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter has been shared thousands of times.

Madison Sorrels visited the shelter July 6 and snapped a photo of a man who made the donation, adding that it made her day.

Buzzfeed picked up on the story, and a TAW representative made it even sweeter by saying the donation was made in memory of a much loved dog. 

"I didn't expect it to get this much attention at all," Madison told News On 6. She was at the pound to adopt a pup herself when she snapped the photo.

The photo touched the hearts of thousands who saw it.

And as for Madison - she and her new dog Norman are doing great, she said. And the elderly man who made such an impression on her has learned how his simple act affected others, she said.

A family friend who saw the story go viral let him know.