CREEK COUNTY, Oklahoma - Investigators are asking witnesses to come forward after Sunday's officer-involved shooting in Creek County.

Police and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation say Shawn Sexton, 25, is in the Creek County jail, but there's still more to do in their investigation.

Police say they were looking for Sexton after he shot up a house in Slick Sunday afternoon on July 23, 2017.

They say Sexton started shooting when he saw police on Highway 48 and shot an officer's car.

A chase started and investigators say Sexton kept shooting out the window, even hitting a car passing by. That car ended up crashing on the side of the road.

OSBI says Sexton was later shot by an officer and ran into a bridge. He was treated for his injuries then arrested.

Investigators say they want to talk with drivers who saw the chase and shooting.

"If they could tell us maybe what they saw as far as the way the shooting took place, the vehicles that turned around," said Kevin Garrett with OSBI.

Anyone with information is asked to call the OSBI 800-522-8017 or Bristow Police at 918-367-2252.