TULSA, Oklahoma - A woman and her boyfriend are going to prison for the death of her 6-month-old son.

The judge sentenced Anna Hyden to 25 years. Her boyfriend, Kevin Crawford, got life in prison.

Both pleaded guilty, so it was up to the judge to determine their fate.

Hyden and Crawford were living in a shed when baby Arrow Hyden died in January 2016.

In Judge Bill LaFortune's decision, he said baby Arrow suffered "horrendous neglect in Mr. Crawford's shed." And that he lived a "miserable, unspeakable life."

He said the suspects' drug addictions put the child in more danger.

During the sentencing hearing, the child's mother's attorney pointed out her traumatic upbringing as a factor for leniency.

Crawford's attorney said he was just giving the mother and her child a place to stay.

The judge said the only story that matters is that baby Arrow is dead and both need to be punished for it.

"Given the fact that Arrow was a 6-month-old baby and literally had no ability to protect or defend himself in any way. To understand what he went through and what he suffered in short life, there had to be someone who stood up for him," Assistant District Attorney Sarah McAmis said.

The judge sentenced Crawford to life because of his long criminal history. The child's mother got 25 years because of her short criminal history.

Reports show DHS received five different referrals about Arrow in his six months of life.

First was the day he was born when his mother tested positive for marijuana, then she admitted months later to a DHS worker, that she used heroin and drank alcohol up through her last trimester.

DHS found all the neglect calls as unsubstantiated, even though the mother also admitted using meth and a DHS safety plan clearly did not work.