SEATTLE, Washington - The Boeing company is using a long-range engine test to have a little fun.

One of its new 787-8 Dreamliners is flying for almost 18 hours over the United States, while tracing the shape of the airplane with its flight path. The result is an image of the plane that stretches across the United States, as seen from the web sites that track flights, including and  

The plane took off from Seattle Wednesday afternoon and was returning Thursday morning in a flight which took it over 17 states including Oklahoma.

Boeing says it's using the long flight to test a new set of Rolls Royce engines.

The flight path keeps the Dreamliner in the air for 17 hours and 46 minutes, covering 15,766 miles. 

The image of the plane has the nose over Wyoming, the tail over Tennessee and Alabama, the left wing tip over south Texas and the right wing tip over the Michigan. 

The jet flew over Oklahoma twice, once while tracing the trailing edge of the left wing and again for the left side of the rear fuselage. 

In addition to testing the engines, the flight also demonstrates the precision possible with the jet's flight controls and navigation equipment.