CREEK COUNTY, Oklahoma - A QuikTrip in Sapulpa is the last confirmed place two escaped inmates were spotted. The two were caught on surveillance video.

Andrew Foy, Darren Walp and other inmates were passing through Oklahoma – headed to facilities in Kansas and Wyoming – when they escaped.

The two are considered armed and dangerous.

Deputies said they wouldn't be surprised if the men already left Oklahoma.

Deputies and police said QuikTrip surveillance video shows Foy and Walp stopping for a midnight snack early Wednesday morning.

"Walk up to the counter and he opens up a sandwich, or whatever food item that was, and just starts eating it right there in front of him," said Captain Glenn Coffey with the Sapulpa Police Department.

The two seem calm - not nervous that several law enforcement agencies are on the lookout for them.

"Nonchalant. They're just trying to blend in and act normal," Coffey said.

The two were initially reported to be driving a maroon 2006 Dodge pickup that was taken from Ringwood, Oklahoma, the sheriff's office said.

The captain said officers realized the two escapees were in Sapulpa after the owner of a stolen semi spoke up. A friend of his who knew it was stolen from El Reno called the owner to say he spotted the flatbed trailer in Sapulpa.

When police saw the surveillance video, officers recognized the inmates.

"It quickly went from ok, it was something that happened in Canadian County and brought up here and dumped to this actually ties back to another county," Coffey said.

A Major County Sheriff's Office deputy said the inmates were in a private transport van when they started choking the driver.

Deputies said the two took $100 from him and may have taken a gun from another employee.

Deputies said four other inmates in the van at the time were all "extremely cooperative."

The sheriff's office said Foy and Walp made stops in Ringwood, Enid, possibly Lawton and El Reno before being spotted in Sapulpa.

"They could have got back on I44, they could have backtracked and headed back west or they could have continued east," Coffey said.

The pair drove off in the 2007 Peterbilt semi-truck but could have ditched it by now.

They're accused of stealing at least two vehicles while on the run.