TULSA, Oklahoma - Where can you go to grab a Donut Burger for dinner, deep-fried pumpkin pie for dessert and wash it down with an old-fashioned lemonade?

The Tulsa State Fair is the place to be Sept. 28-Oct. 8, and did not disappoint when bringing in more vendors to add something new for 2017.

Bacon Funnel Cake, Maple Bacon Funnel Cake Parfait, Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Caramel Pecan Pie and Da Bacon Bomb.Com Burger. Are you seeing a trend here? It's a bacon lover's paradise, and these are just a few of the new foods you'll see this year at the fair.

The fair is known for the amusement rides, attractions, vendors and livestock shows, but one of the major draws of the fair for many people is the wide variety of food, especially unique, deep-fried, powdered sugar-covered goodness. 

Fairgoers can still find traditional fair food favorites such as caramel apples, corndogs, cotton candy, kettle corn, turkey legs and all the fair staples.

For those looking to indulge in something a little bit different, foods new to the fair this year include Funfetti Fried Oreos, Deep Fried Chocolate Pie Dusted With Powdered Sugar, Gourmet Popsicles - chocolate-dipped strawberry, jalapeno and chocolate sea salt, just to name a few - and Deep Fried Lemonade. 

The Tulsa State Fair website also has a 'Food Finder' page so attendees can check out the list of vendors or view them by category including 'Traditional,' 'On A Stick,' 'You Fried What?,' 'Healthy Options,' 'Specialty Drinks,' 'Gluten Free,' 'International Flavors,' 'Desserts' and everyone's favorite, 'New Foods.'

For those looking to enjoy the fair but are on a special diet or don't want to indulge in the calorie-laden items, there are 16 food vendors that are in the healthy options category and 18 listed under 'gluten-free.' 

The TSF has made it easy for fairgoers to save a little bit of money at the fair, including making a $5 coupon book available. 'Dizzy's Deal Coupon Book' has about 80 coupons inside and more than $550 worth of savings from the TSF concessionaires and vendors. You can find the coupon book at a ticket booth or at the 'Howdy Hut' at the fair. Click here for more information about the coupon book.

For more information about food options, visit the food finder page.

For more general information about the fair, including admission prices, maps and schedules of events, visit the TSF website.