OKEMAH, Oklahoma - A former Okemah cheerleading coach is facing a felony embezzlement charge after being accused of stealing more than $5,000 from the high schools cheerleading account. 

Court Documents say it all started when the superintendent noticed the high school cheerleading team was losing money. 

Documents say Djuana Denton admitted to taking money even though she knew it was wrong.

Ninth grader Rainah Johnson said although she wasn't a cheerleader, she knew former Cheerleading Coach Djuana Denton. 

"I was shocked when I found out,” said Johnson. 

Johnson said she always thought of Denton as a good teacher. 

She said Denton was helpful to her and others. 

"She was a really good cheer coach if you went to some of their games you'd see the cheerleaders and they were just really really good," said Johnson.  

Documents say Denton admitted to taking money from T-shirt sales for the cheerleaders, starting around homecoming. 

Documents also say that the superintendent of schools found $5,297 missing from the cheerleading account. 

"When it involves kids, of course, we do perk up a little bit, because kids are generally more vulnerable when it comes to dealing with adults they can be more easily fooled," Said District 24 District Attorney Max Cook.

Court Documents say that Denton said she took the money to support a prescription pill problem that someone she lives with has. DA Cook said there's also a possibility that there could be more money. 

"Anytime it’s a felony you face going to prison which means you're facing a year or more incarceration," Cook said.  

And while Johnson said she hopes the former coach is held accountable for her actions, she also said people sometimes make mistakes. 

"I really hope she doesn't get that in trouble you know … I hope she learns from it you know," Johnson said. 

The school has confirmed that Denton has resigned.