WAGONER, Oklahoma - Wagoner County Sheriff's Office recovered thousands of dollars in stolen goods and arrested two teenagers for burglary Wednesday, November 2. 

Sheriff Chris Elliott said in a release that 18-year-old Zachary Taylor Deringer and a 17-year-old suspect kicked in the door of a home in the Whitehorn Cover area of Wagoner last month. The two teens made away with several items including around $80,000 in jewelry and $15,000 in cash, he said.

The victim told News On 6 reporter Sawyer Buccy that she knows the juvenile suspect very well; in fact, he calls her by the same name her grandkids use. She was in the jewelry business for years and said there was more than $100,000 in jewelry in her safe.

The investigation led deputies to request a search warrant on Deringer's house where they recovered the jewelry, a gun and other goods - but no cash. The suspects told investigators they spent the money on guns, bows, gas, clothes and other things, the release states.

"I'm proud of the work my investigators did on this case," Sheriff Elliott said. "It is rare that items are recovered from random burglaries.

"Because of the hard work my deputies and investigators were able to do on this case, it makes me happy to be able to show how important our citizens, and their hard-earned property is to this Office."    

The second suspect was identified only with the initials TM. Deringer was charged with second-degree burglary, according to WCSO. 

The sheriff said they expect to make additional arrests in the burglary.