TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa County Jury recommended 225 years total for a man charged with four counts of child sexual abuse and one count of child neglect.

Brian Campbell was arrested in August 2016, along with four other women.

During this trial, the court heard from a 9-year-old boy who said he and his sister were repeatedly sexually abused by Campbell during the time they lived with him.

The abuse happened between July 2014 and July 2016.

The boy said they were also forced to eat grass and bugs when they weren’t fed enough, and said they missed a lot of school during that time.

The boy and his sister now live with their grandmother, who said during her testimony that the kids are about a year behind in school.

During closing arguments on Friday, Campbell’s attorney, Kyle Killam, argued that the children’s grandmother fabricated all the allegations of sexual abuse, because she was hoping to be granted guardianship.

Killam said the grandmother could have planted ideas of sexual abuse in the children’s heads, which they then relayed to child sex crimes investigators and therapists.

The prosecution said that accusation was ridiculous, because Campbell had even admitted in the past to having sexual thoughts about children.

“There is no reasonable doubt that these children are making this up,” Prosecutor Andrea Brown said during her closing argument. “There is overwhelming evidence of all these acts.”

Prosecutors pointed out that Campbell has a history of “sexual deviance,” saying he molested his seven-year-old sister when he was a teenager.

Prosecutors said at age 16, Campbell sodomized a 12-year-old girl. That girl, who is now an adult, testified against Campbell in this trial.

Brown finished her closing argument by asking the jury to give Campbell 100, even a thousand years, to let him know “this is over.”

She said he took away the lives and innocence of every child he ever touched, and that no number of years in prison could ever be enough.

Brown said after the verdict was read that she was thrilled the jury made a statement by giving Campbell five life sentences.

"I'm not surprised to be perfectly honest with you, but I'm very, very relieved for all the children and all the victims involved," she said. "The ‘pink house’, as the children describe it, was in fact a house of horrors, so I guess it was appropriate for this trial to happen the week of Halloween."

Brown said the little boy is doing remarkably well, all things considered.

His sister, however, is not. She's been in and out of inpatient programs, and has been harming others, and even animals.

Brown said she hopes they will now be able to heal.

Christina Renea Mathews is the mother of two of the victims in this case. She’s charged with two counts of sexual abuse to a child under 12, child neglect, and permitting child sexual abuse.

Mathews is set to go to trial in January.

The other three women originally charged in this case are Crystal Toney, Beverly Vaughn and Dawn Cox.

Dawn Cox had her charges dropped.

Crystal Toney is charged with permitting child sexual abuse and child neglect.

Toney testified for the state in this case, saying she began a sexual relationship with Campbell when she was 17. Campbell, who is married to Toney’s mom, Beverly Vaughn, is her stepfather.

Beverly Vaughn is charged with child neglect.