JENKS, Oklahoma - An adoption nightmare for a Jenks woman leads to a happy ending.

She shared her struggle on trying to become a mother and is hoping to encourage others to stay strong. 

Tiffany Ballard was determined to be a mother and she is one.

But it wasn't an easy journey. And two of her biggest moments happened at Hillcrest South Hospital. 

"She is adventurous and cautious at the same time," said Ballard. 

About a year ago, she was born at Hillcrest South.

She just had her birthday on October 25th. 

After several fertility procedures that didn't work, Tiffany said she was down to her last try with In Vitro Fertilization.

With only two embryos left,  she said there was about a 10% chance she would have a baby. 

"Grace wanted to be here," said Ballard. 

But Tiffany said if it weren't for her adoption experience several months before she got pregnant, Grace may have never been born.  

After years of trying, Tiffany had decided to adopt.

The baby was also born at Hillcrest, but she wouldn't be at home with Tiffany very long.  

"The biological mom changed her mind and I had to give her back to the biological mom on day 12," Ballard said. 

Tiffany relied on her family, friends, and faith moving forward. 

She calls her daughter her very own "Amazing Grace."

"I think that God had a plan because Grace was supposed to happen. Because she is the kid I was supposed to have," Ballard said. 

Tiffany said while the process was painful, it made her a stronger advocate for adoption. 

And encourages anyone looking to be a parent to never give up.

"This is not to deter anybody from finding a way to find your Grace," she said. 

Hillcrest has released a statement regarding some of the details in this story: 

"Hillcrest works to support all mothers and families. It is a privilege we hold in highest esteem. In Tiffany's circumstances our team at the Peggy V. Helmerich Women's Center at Hillcrest South was able to support her as both an adoptive and biological mother. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity and we are so happy to see Tiffany and Grace continue to thrive."