TULSA, Oklahoma - A pregnant mother of two is sharing her story after a scare Sunday night at Taco Bueno.

Amber Desteiguer claims an employee at the 51st and Sheridan location intentionally added red pepper flakes to her family's order after a confrontation with a manager.

She says it all started because they only received half of their original $25 order.

She says when her husband called, the manager on duty told her it happens all the time and to get over it.

When her husband came back to get a new, fresh, full order, she claims someone sabotaged the food on purpose.

"Me being pregnant, I eat there three times a week,” said Desteiguer. “I know Taco Bueno very well.”

She added, "My toddler started screaming, 'Mommy, ow, my mouth hurts; ow, ow, it hurts.'”

Her eight-year-old son, who has autism, also started crying.

"I'm devastated,” she said. “I'm blown away."

 So Desteiguer, who's six-months-pregnant, took a bite to figure out what was wrong.

"Barely could breathe, sweating really bad,” she stated. “I knew at that point that something was wrong because salsa wasn't on my taco yet and their tacos are really not at all spicy unless you add that salsa."

She says she tried all day to get ahold of someone at Taco Bueno's corporate office without any luck.

News On 6 was there when she finally got a company director on the phone.

"We are going to be doing a complete and thorough investigation on what transpired,” the company director.

This is the official statement sent to News On 6, quote: "We have listened to the customer, heard their concern and are currently investigating the matter."

Desteiguer says she thinks that investigation will prove her side of the story is right and hopes the employee is fired.

"My children suffered, and with me being pregnant, it could have sent me into preterm labor,” she said. "Something bad could have happened."

Desteiguer says she's meeting a manager Tuesday for a refund.

She did file a police report and reached out to a few lawyers.

Taco Bueno told her she will get an update on the company's investigation later this week.