TULSA, Oklahoma - Neighbors say they woke up just after midnight and found their new neighbor's home engulfed in flames.

Now they're looking for answers as to how something so tragic happened to a couple they say didn't deserve this.

“She had told me two or three days before that she had felt something bad was going to happen,” said the victims’ neighbor Violet.

Violet lives just across the street and had dinner with the victims just hours before the deadly fire. She says was shocked when a loud noise jolted her awake.

"I laid back down and looked back out my window and the house across the street was fully engulfed in flames,” she recalled.

In a panic, Violet immediately jumped into action.

"I ran. I jumped off the porch, ran over there,” she explained. “I tried to get in the yard; it was just too hot all the way out in the yard. So, I stepped back and called 911."

Firefighters had to get the fire under control before doing a sweep of the property. They told News On 6 that's when they found the bodies of a man and a woman in the back of the home.

"With the amount of fire that we had on scene, it seems very unlikely that anybody would have survived it,” said District Fire Chief Bryan Hickerson.

The flames also damaged homes on both sides of the burned house. The sound of several explosions kept Cory Green up all night.

"The whole side and all over there is melted; the air conditioner is all melted,” said Green. “Two of the windows was cracked.”

Violet says they weren't just neighbors; they had become friends. Friends whose kindness shined a light in the community.

“You don't run into a lot of good people in this world, and they were good ones,” she said.

The couple's two children also lived in the home, but firefighters say they were not there when the fire broke out.

Neighbors say the couple also had a service dog. They say they're afraid that the dog also died in the fire. 

Tulsa Fire Captain Stan May says they're still investigating the cause of this fire, but he says the home has no heat and several dangerous factors.

"They were borrowing some electricity from a neighbor, long extension cord, space heaters,” said May. “They were lighting the rooms with candles."

The fire department went door to door in the neighborhood, making sure everyone has a working smoke detector.

For those who didn't, firefighters installed them.