TULSA, Oklahoma - It may seem like all crime is up in Tulsa, but the truth is in the numbers, and they tell a different story.

Overall, crime is down 13 percent from 2016. Rapes are down 11 percent, robberies are down nearly 10 percent, and the number of larcenies fell almost 12 percent.

But the one crime that's going up is homicides, which are up 16 percent over 2017. We've had 73 so far, and are closing in on last year’s record high of 82.

“There's that one crime that's affecting all of us, and it's the one that strikes fear in everyone. It's the homicide rate, and we need to address that," Sergeant Shane Tuell said.

Police are using numbers to crack down on crime.

“It's all data-driven policing, and intelligence-led policing. We're going to use all the data we have to predict and be ready to take action if needed," Tuell said.

He said while the numbers are down overall, they're still too high.

“Even though we see a great reduction, that's not good enough,” the sergeant said. “We want to see an even bigger reduction.”

He said citizens also play a role in reducing our crime rate.

"If you hang around with bad crowds, chances are you're probably more susceptible to crime. Do things to protect yourself," Tuell said.

Resident Shatina Daniel said regardless of the statistics she's not going to live her life in fear.

“You learn to know what places are safer for your family,” she said. “But we generally do feel safe. And we plan to make trips to come out here to do different events."