WILBURTON, Oklahoma - A mother is spending this week hanging up missing persons posters in Wilburton for her daughter who's been missing for years. 

Carolyn Stoebig drove all the way to Wilburton from California to hang up missing persons posters for her daughter Heather Patrick. Patrick has been missing for more than four years.

"I knew when she died… it was like my heart burst,” said Stoebig. "I just feel like… she's gone here."

Forty-seven-year-old Heather Patrick was last seen on August 2nd, 2013.

Her mother says she'd run away before, trying to escape an abusive relationship with her husband. But Stoebig says this time was different.

"My daughter did not walk away, did not run away,” she said.  

Stoebig says her daughter had too much to leave behind, including her daughter Melissa Patrick. "My mom, now that she's gone, I didn't realize the extent of how much I need my mom still and how nice it was to have her around,” said Melissa.

"She would help anybody, anybody needed help in the middle of the night, whatever,” said Stoebig. “You could always count on Heather.”

Latimer County Sheriff Jesse James says her husband waited an entire month before reporting her missing.

But at this point, they don't have much to go on.

"We've definitely been working the case and will continue to work the case,” said James. “It's just one of them things, whereas of right now, we don't have any major leads."

Now, all her family can hope for is to find her body and find some kind of closure.

"It's been four years and we still have the same answers we had the first year it happened,” said Melissa.

"I feel like we're still, now, at a different level, at a level to resolve this, to find her,” said Stoebig.

Sheriff James says this is an ongoing and active investigation. He says if you have any information at all, contact the Latimer County Sheriff's Office.