TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa salvage yard owner is responsible for helping police catch three people with a stolen vehicle, drugs and equipment to make fake IDs.

The man says working at a salvage yard, he sees stolen vehicles and it's an unfortunate part of his job.

But Wednesday, he was able to put a stop to one incident.

Midwest Auto Parts owner Mark Moosavi says people came into his salvage yard trying to sell a few vehicles with a bill of sale that looked a little fishy. 

"It wasn't notarized,” said Moosavi. “It looks like everything was hard written and everything".

The people left the vehicles in his lot, saying they'd be back. 

He ran the VIN numbers and discovered the vehicles were stolen. Minutes later, he called police and when they returned he kept the group busy until officers showed up.

"Within ten minutes Tulsa PD was here,” said Moosavi. 

Police arrested the three people and confirmed that one of the vehicles they brought in was stolen. Police believe the two other vehicles the group brought are possibly stolen as well.

"During our search of the stolen vehicle, we found a bunch of counterfeit credit card making material with a card reader and programmer with a bunch of cards and IDs,” said Tulsa Police Cpl. Darin Filak. 

Police say they also found drugs.

"It was a nice catch,” said Filak.“They probably had 75 to 100 different IDs with the credit card maker and a whole bunch of blank credit cards.”

Moosavi says although he was a little nervous during the encounter, he's just happy to have lent a helping hand.

"This was very extra special deal,” he said. “I'm glad Tulsa Police put a stop to it and those guys are in jail where they belong!