TULSA, Oklahoma - A stolen Tulsa car bust has led to the discovery of a fake credit card operation. 

A Tulsa Police arrest report states Galyn Campbell, 20, admitted to having stolen IDs, credit card and more as she and two brothers were trying to salvage at least one confirmed stolen car Wednesday.

Campbell and the two brothers, Luis Angel Raudales, 32 and Luis Ivan Raudales, 29, are all in the Tulsa County jail.  Both brothers are also being held for federal immigrant officials.

The owner of Midwest Auto Parts says several people came in trying to scrap cars he suspected were stolen.  So he says he stalled them until police got there.

When officers arrived, they found counterfeit credit card making material, IDs and credit and bank cards .

The arrest report shows police were able to connect some of the stolen items with specific victims.  

The owner of the shop says he's always on the lookout for this sort of situation.

"That's what we're trying to put a stop to it. And that's why we try to work with Tulsa Police to try and put a stop to it," said Mark Moosavi of Midwest Auto Parts.

Police are still investigating.