TULSA, Oklahoma - An act of kindness from a Tulsa County Sheriff's deputy is snowballing into a great gift for a veteran.

Deputy Tracy Lewis recently paid for the meal for a man in a painting truck behind her in a drive-through line.

Tom Barbour is the owner of CertPro Painters of Tulsa and says that act of kindness touched him.  So, he decided to do something nice as well.

CertPro and the sheriff's office surprised wounded Army veteran James Martin Thursday by telling him they will paint his house for free.

"It's amazing how one small act of kindness - you know, starting at a McDonald's drive-through - comes to being able to bless somebody by painting their house - that it be my house is truly amazing. So it's a huge honor to me," said James Martin.

Martin himself works to help veterans with the Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma, a non-profit organization.