BIXBY, Oklahoma - Some Bixby students are stepping up to help the father of a classmate who has cancer.

Kevin Riddle was first diagnosed with cancer three years ago. He beat colon cancer, but now he's fighting pancreatic and liver cancer.

"My body wasn't responding so they are now, they've got me on immunotherapy," Riddle said.

His son Ethan's classmates heard about the diagnosis and wanted to help.

Carter Lowry remembered an old Chinese legend that says if you make 1,000 origami cranes, you'll get one wish; and their wish is for Ethan's dad to get better.

"It didn't require any money, we didn't require anyone to donate. We were just donating our own time," Lowry said.

For four weeks, seven students skipped recess to make the cranes and got their whole school involved. They even gave themselves a little extra homework because they were that determined for Kevin to beat cancer.

"We all went home and made a lot and we all came back and had tons of cranes and got our goal," student Rhett Ritchie said.

The boys surprised Kevin and Ethan Friday morning when they showed up to school. The boys gave them the cranes during a school assembly.

"I teared up a little bit, but, yeah, it was...the whole thing was a nice surprise," Kevin Riddle said.

Ethan Riddle said, "It was crazy. I didn't know that people knew that my dad had cancer."

Kevin said his body is responding to his treatment, so maybe the cranes are already bringing him some luck.

"I've gotten a lot of support from people I don't do, people I do know, friends and family, so I'm very blessed for that," he said.