WAGONER, Oklahoma - Months after a fire devastated several historic buildings in downtown Wagoner, business is still slow for some local spots. 

Just months ago, smoke filled the air and fire ripped through some of the buildings. 

The Koffee Kan, a local coffee shop, sits near to the store where the fire sparked. 

"We had some smoke damage and we closed for a week and I repainted the floors," said Koffee Kan owner Madison Tripp.  

Tripp said she was lucky, her business and home, which sits above her coffee shop, were not affected directly by flames. But the fire affected how many customers she sees daily.  

"We have lost about $4000 a month, since the fire," said Tripp. 

Trip said before the fire every table was full during lunch and now only a few people come in. She said people don't realize they are open for business. 

"We were like picking up we were just kind of getting, getting where we were actually like meeting our goals, that we wanted to meet, and then the fire happened," Tripp said.  

Tripp and her mom started the business a few years ago. She said it was a dream come true, her way of supporting her family while doing something she loves.

"It's a lifeline for me ... I'm a single mom and this is what I do so, this is what brings money home," said Tripp. 

She feels for the other business owners who were affected and is working to try to bring people back to downtown Wagoner.