TULSA, Oklahoma - The John 3:16 Mission here in Tulsa is gearing up for their Thanksgiving food distribution.

On Sunday, they got a big boost in food donations.

The John 3:16 Mission has lots of food ready to go, but they still need more of the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal, the turkey. 

"In just a few weeks John 3:16 is going to be feeding thousands of families. People in our community who are struggling with food insecurity," said Steve Whitaker with John 3:16. 

When Joe Minardi heard this, he helped to organize the Christian Motorcycle Association's First Annual Turkey Run. 

"We just believe that feeding the hungry and providing food for the families during the holidays is something we can do and put together to help the community out," said Minardi. 

Sunday afternoon, about 50 motorcyclists out of Broken Arrow brought in nearly 100 Thanksgiving turkeys.

It was an act of giving they know will help make a difference in the community,  

"A lot of people when they think of bikers they don't think of the kind and big hearts that these guys and gals have. And they do," said Minardi. 

"This group heard and knows about our concerns. They took initiative to go out and get turkeys and to bring them to us to make a difference," Whitaker said. 

The need is great; they still need about 3,000 more.

For more information on how you can help make a donation for the cause, visit the John 3:16 Mission website.