TULSA, Oklahoma - Authorities are investigating the deaths of two inmates at a Tulsa halfway house.

The pair died within three days of each other.

The Department of Corrections tells me they don't yet know if the cases are related or just a coincidence.

"Yes it is strange, but then again it's not strange because we're people," said Michael Gordley. 

Gordley says it's shocking to hear about the deaths of two inmates at the Tulsa Transitional Center. It's a place where he often spent time visiting his father.  

"They have cameras over there. They even have cameras on the outside. But strange? Shocking? I don't know," Gordley said. 

Matthew Elliott with the Department of Corrections says 47-year-old David Walden, died on Friday. And 54-year-old Richard Eubanks, died Sunday. 

"As of this point we have no information that indicates these deaths are related, but our investigators are looking into them," Elliott said. 

Records show that Walden was serving time after being convicted of carrying a firearm as a felon. Eubanks was on probation for a drug conviction. 

Right now, DOC is still waiting to learn the cause of their deaths from the Medical Examiner.

"Obviously that's going to play a big role in the results of that investigation," Elliott said. 

Elliot says they are investigating these as they would any unattended death. He says its normal protocol.