VINITA, Oklahoma - There's shock and sadness in Vinita after a fourth-grader died Monday during P.E. class at Will Rogers Elementary School. 

Superintendent Kelly Grimmett said 9-year-old Milly Vallalpando had no known health issues and all that was in her file was that she wore glasses. 

Outside of the school Tuesday, Vallalpando's friends put up a sign saying they love her with balloons and teddy bears. 

It was during gym class on Monday that Vallalpando passed out and even the principal gave her CPR but she never regained consciousness.

"You really don't know how to deal with this stuff with the kids and staff. It's probably harder on them than the kids now," he said. 

Friends are coming to grips with the sudden death of Vallalpando.

Vallalpando was feeling fine when her family dropped her off at school, the family said. 

"She said, 'bye, Elisa I love you," said her sister, Elisa Vallalpando.

Milly Vallalpando was resting Monday after playing basketball when her teacher realized something was wrong.

Vallalpando stopped breathing and the principal tried CPR.

"She never regained consciousness at the hospital. She was in perfect health with no medical issues so there is no rhyme or reason to it," Grimmett said. 

Tuesday, the school did what it could to help Milly's classmates even though there weren't many answers to provide.

"God had a bigger plan than we did and she's in good hands  One kid said 'she's not in good hands she is in amazing hands," said teacher Nemia Mcelhaney. 

The pile of stuffed animals flowers and balloons continues to grow at a makeshift memorial and her friends are leaving messages on yellow ribbons.

"It says, 'I miss you, Milly. I love you so much. Love Kaylee. You are my best friend,'" said her friend Kaylee. 

Kaylee said the two had a regular routine.

"We would play on the monkey bars and swing and do a lot. What made her so special? She was really nice and just sweet," Kaylee said. 

Her sister Elisa and her brother Alex said there is always going to be the shock but there is one thing in particular about Milly they will always remember.

"Her smile. When everyone was at a low, she made everyone feel welcome," her brother and sister said. 

The superintendent said they will have counselors on hand for as long as the students need them.