ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Rogers County Sheriff's Office is asking for the community's help identifying two suspects they say used a stolen credit card at a Tulsa Walgreens. 

Deputies said the suspects they are looking for have ties to Verdigris and might also have family members or acquaintances who live close to Walgreens. 

Reg Collins has lived in the Verdigris neighborhood for more than two decades.

He has never had to worry about crime until earlier this month.

"I got up to go to work the next morning and I looked out and I saw the gates were opened and I'm wondering why," said Collins. 

Someone broke the front gate of Collins home, drove onto his property and stole his car.

Collins found it a few blocks away.

"They had broken a tail light and I guess they decided they better not drive it or they would get picked up," Collins said. 

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said Collin's car wasn't the only one burglarized that night. Six of his neighbors had been hit too. 

Deputies said the suspects went to a Verdigris neighborhood off of Highway 266 the next day and broke into several more cars. 

"These were simply, unlocked vehicles, parked in someone's driveway that were entered," Walton said. 

Walton said the suspects stole valuable items like phones and credit cards out of every car they hit. 

A few hours after the crimeS, deputies say a credit card from one of the burglarized vehicles was used at a Tulsa Walgreens by these two men. 

Deputies are asking for the communities help to identify them.

"Do not leave valuables in your vehicles, even if it's locked," Walton said. "These people are opportunists. They grab what is easy to get. Anything we can do to make that a little bit harder for them."

Collins said he already has a plan in place. 

"We did feel secure...that kind of changed things a little. We are gonna get cameras now," he said. "I hope they catch 'em."

Walton said there was another car break-in in Oologah 24 hours after the incidents in Verdigris. 

He doesn't think the two incidents are related but anyone with information should call the Rogers County Sheriffs Office.