TULSA, Oklahoma - Operation Blue Thunder, a task force created to get the worst of the worst criminals off the streets, just wrapped up their month-long operation.

Police say the idea is to get the worst, most violent criminals off the streets, along with illegal guns, and then, you'll see a decrease in crime.

"We're going to hit this 11th and Garnett corridor,” said Sgt. McKenzie.

That area is known for street-level drug dealing, prostitution and gangs.

"We're just trying to get up here and talk to people, get a feel for what's going on,” explained McKenzie.

The goal of the task force is violent offenders and illegal guns.

Thirty local officers, deputies and federal agents served on the task force that spread out all over the city.

They ended the month with 102 felony arrests and 48 illegal guns recovered, along with pot, meth, heroin and cocaine taken off the streets.

Sgt. McKenzie: "You to a needle on you?"

Suspect: "In my pocket."

Police say 2015 and 2016 saw a big spike in violent crime in Tulsa, and even though it's down eight percent this year, they say it's not enough. They say to people willing to do shootings and murders, be warned.

"If you're one of these people, just understand we're coming for you,” said Chief Chuck Jordan. “We're done with gun violence in our community. We're going to do something about it."

Police say the operation may be over but it doesn't mean they're going to let up on their efforts to get the worst of the worst off the streets.