MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - Two Muskogee parents are in jail, accused of letting their children live in deplorable conditions.

Muskogee Police say they were alerted to the situation by a concerned neighbor, who says one of the little girls living in the home came over to play and told her she couldn't get her parents to wake up.

Muskogee Police say a woman's conversation with an eight-year-old girl caused her to call 911.

"The neighbor notices the kid wasn't really dressed for what the weather is outside,” explained officer Lincoln Anderson. “In the course of talking to the child, the child said she couldn't wake up her parents."

Anderson says when police got there, the inside of the apartment was deplorable.

"Once they got into the apartment, they noticed feces on the floor, trash sacks, trash all over the floors,” he said. "There were feces filling the bottom of the bathtub, house just in complete disarray."

Anderson says the two little girls living in the home, ages seven and eight, were also in bad shape.

"There were two children there, and neither one of them appeared to have been kept up and clean and wearing clean clothes and that kind of thing,” said Anderson.

He says this particular case is a different extreme than what they normally see on similar calls.

"When you walk into a house and there's feces and trash all over the place and there's two kids living there, that's not normally something we see on a daily basis,” said Anderson.

Police arrested Megan Wells and Vincente Rivera on complaints of child abuse and child neglect.

Both of the little girls living in the home have been placed in DHS custody.

Both parents are in the Muskogee County Jail.