TULSA, Oklahoma - Keith Myers is the curator of the Traveling Military Museum.

“I wasn't a veteran,” he said. “I do it to remember the veterans.”

For more than three decades, he's loaded a portion of his collection into his car and made presentations, almost 700 of them at centers, schools and other facilities where people are interested.

"This year I'll finish with 48, which is the most I've ever done,” he said.

November is his busiest month because of Veterans Day, but really, when Keith shows up with his traveling museum it's Veterans Day wherever he is.

“I've really been lucky with some of the things I've acquired,” he said.

One of those things would be a Japanese Flag taken at Iwo Jima; it has the names or signatures of 75 Marines on it and one of them sketched the flag raising on Mount Suribachi in the center.

When asked if it's his most prized piece, he said, “They're all prized to me; that's probably the most historic piece I have."

He added, “Our veterans are real people who happen to have the distinction of serving in the military."

If you'd like to get in touch with Myers, you can email myers473344@gmail.com, or call 918-523-0932.