MANNFORD, Oklahoma - A Mannford mother said her daughter attempted to take her own life because of bullying by her classmates.

Nancy Cloud said bullying is a major issue at Mannford High and believes school officials should be held accountable if they continue to look the other way.

In many ways, Tiona Grier was your typical teenager.

"Tiona was very bubbly, very outgoing. She was very full of life. She loves to horseback ride, sing, dance," Cloud said.

But then, on November 8th, in the middle of her sophomore year at Mannford High, Grier attempted suicide because, her mother said, she was a victim of bullying.

"They've bullied her in the way of how's she's dressed. They've told her when they jumped her in the city park. She was jogging and they told her that she wasn't dressed appropriately, so they jumped her for that," she said.

Cloud said she repeatedly complained to school officials, but she feels her complaints were not taken seriously enough.

Superintendent Steve Waldvogel said he wasn't familiar with the details of Tiona's case but said student safety is always a top priority.

“If an incident occurs in the classroom, on the playground, or somewhere in the school, rest assured, I know our staff is ready. And they will interact with the student, the parent and try to figure out what went on, what happened, and create that environment where the student fees safe," he said.

Cloud is now speaking out, hoping to prevent others from hurting themselves and to hold responsible the people she blames for her daughter’s attempt.

"I want it to stop. Not just for my daughter, but for all the other children in that school that are being bullied right now," she said. "I want them to have zero, zero tolerance for bullying in their schools and do more to keep their children safe because they failed my daughter. They failed her big time."

The school said if you've been a victim of bullying to report to a teacher, counselor or principal.

Cloud said her daughter will not return to the school.