TULSA, Oklahoma - Firefighters say heavy smoke was coming from the eaves of a home in the 2700 block of East Oklahoma Street when they got to the scene around 8:30 Thursday morning, November 16.

Firefighters were working another fire and rushed to this home to find smoke coming from the roof.

Captain Stan May said he believes the fire started in the back of the house. He said it spread to the attic and smoke started seeping out from under the metal roof.

Firefighters opened doors and windows as they got access into the home. They even peeled back part of the roof to let the attic air out.

Neighbor Shelby Marinn saw the smoke and called 911.

"My friend said, 'The house is on fire,' and I thought they were burning stuff in the backyard. I thought she was playing, then them electric wires right here started sparking," Marinn said.

The house is occupied, but the residents said they were running errands when the fire started. They said they have four dogs, and all made it out safely.

Investigators are looking into the cause of the fire. The residents said firefighters told them an electrical problem probably sparked the fire.