WASHINGTON, D.C. - House Republicans on Thursday afternoon passed a massive package of corporate and individual tax cuts, holding a final vote on their highly-anticipated tax overhaul plan Thursday afternoon.

Lawmakers approved it in a 227-205 vote.

The bill would slash the corporate tax rate, cut taxes for individuals and reduce the number of tax brackets.

The president, looking for a major legislative win for the Trump White House, has been urging Republicans to pass tax legislation for months. He visited Capitol Hill on Thursday morning in a final lobbying push to House Republicans.

Mr. Trump tweeted in advance of Thursday's vote, saying "tax cuts are getting close!" and blamed Democrats for fighting "massive tax cuts for the middle class and business" citing "obstruction and delay."

The Senate will also have to vote on its version, and then the two bills, if they both pass, would be reconciled in conference.

Oklahoma's Markwayne Mullin tweeted a photo of President Donald Trump who stopped by to speak with House GOP members: