TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Tulsa City crew recently unearthed a time capsule buried in an east side neighborhood maybe 25 years ago.

They think the kids who buried it might now have kids of their own and would want it back.

Janet Hildy is head of customer service at the Tulsa Sewer Department, and she’s never seen anything like this.

"I've been here 20 years and this is a first for me," she said.

The contents of the coffee include a bunch of pictures, a yellow duck, a child's diary, an old battered Mickey Mouse ball cap and a rosary.

"That's why, bless their hearts, our guys thought they disturbed someone's resting place," Hildy said.

Lyle Hurd, Carl Irons, JaShawn Candler, Walter Cox and Tramell Seymour were working to repair a manhole behind a house in the Longview Lake Estates neighborhood in October when they dug up a beat-up coffee can. They put it aside and kept working, then somebody noticed the rosary.

"We seen it, and that made us go to it and see what this is. Then we found the other stuff," Irons said.

Hildy called the homeowners association, which said a family named Spencer lived there in the early 2000s - that would track with the initials on top of the can, JJS.

There’s also a date.

"It says time capsule, and it's got one, nine, nine and I can't read the last one and we think it's 1990," Hildy said.

Some initials, a time frame and the contents of a kid's time capsule.

If you know any of the Spencer kids who lived in the Longview Lake Estates neighborhood 20 years ago, email rick.wells@newson6.net or send me a message on Facebook.