TULSA, Oklahoma - Police say a woman lead police on a chase, tried to run over an officer, and then tried to carjack a mother who was with her two children.

Nine was the number of bullets one police officer fired Thursday at a suspect after Police say the suspect tried to run over an officer.

"Anytime you try to run over a Tulsa Police Officer, you're gonna get shot at,” said Officer Adam Ashley.  

Things are getting back to normal for some people living near Swan Lake after a police chase and officer-involved shooting ended with an attempted carjacking and arrest.

"It is a crazy thing, it is a crazy thing, I hope things are okay for everybody," said witness Murali Iyengar. 

Peter Doerr lives down the road from where Tulsa police finally handcuffed their suspect. He said the first thing he and his daughter noticed was a TPD helicopter and then a truck.  

"Stopped looked a little bit like she wanted to ditch the truck and something, and then sped off and we kinda went back to raking leaves and 30 seconds later a cop car comes flying down the street," said Doerr.  

Police said the chase started in East Tulsa after a truck was reported stolen. 

A police helicopter located it near 19th and Lewis. Police said the suspect, a woman in her thirties, backed into a driveway. An Officer walked over to investigate. 

"The truck takes off speeding towards the officer, the officer felt that it was a threat, it was an imminent threat the officer used deadly force, by utilizing her weapon," said Officer Ashley. 

That officer fired nine shots, but none hit the suspect. Police said the woman then tried to carjack a vehicle with children inside. Police said that’s when officers pulled the suspect out of the vehicle.

“Officers were able to coverage on the car, take this suspect out of the occupied car, get her into handcuffs," said Ashley. 

We're told the people in the car, the police officer, and the suspect are all okay tonight.