TULSA, Oklahoma - One of the reasons Green Country had 26 inches of snow several years ago, is in play again this winter. But, will it be enough for history to repeat itself? 

Looking ahead, this year it could be a little different because we have more snow across parts of the Canadian provinces into Alaska than we did last year. 

All that plays a big roll scientifically.

But a lot of people love winter folklore and that includes persimmon seeds, the wooly worm, migrating birds and my mother loves the Farmers Almanac.

This year a lot is pointing towards cold and wintry weather and the word snowy comes into mind even on the Farmers Almanac.  But we use science and this year science tells us the word is La Nina.

It's a weak La Nina, not a powerful one but it does mean that the ocean waters are a little bit cold.  

That also means that all the cold air that's forming because of all the snow that's up to the north does have a chance to create arctic outbreaks that will come down into the central portion of the country, which is where we reside. 

The good news is that there are kinda ebbs and flows that goes on and we do expect some really cold weather could be followed by some very mild weather.

If you want to know about El Ninos and La Ninas, they happen all the time, so year after year its always one or the other.  

El Nino seemed to be a little more on the wet side, but we are talking this year that La Nina will be dry and we are looking for the chance of snow to be very limited.

2010 through 2011, Green Country had the most snow you can probably remember.  A total of 26 inches.

This year,  we are talking about really overall the winter expected to be drier than normal,  so we are not expecting a ton of snow this year but there are periods where it will get very very cold. 

So here's a look at our forecast.  

Below normal snowfall, ice storm risk is going to be near normal, but there's going to be some blasts of arctic air, so just hang in there.