TULSA, Oklahoma - A jury recommended life in prison for a man found guilty of first-degree murder.

Gary Wayne Wilson was charged and convicted of the murder of Terrel Smith.

Police said Smith was reported missing September 9, 2016. His body was found in an SUV on September 11, 2016.

Wilson, along with Michael Lee Bossert, Anthony Edgar Minnifield and Herschell Noriah Boyd, was arrested in the case.

Arrest reports said TCSO detectives were led to the suspects through Smith's cell phone records. The arresting officer said one of the men admitted that they lured Smith to a home in the 500 block of East 61st Street North.

Bossert told officers Wilson shot Smith at close range with a shogun then they bagged the weapon and hid it on the property, according to police. Authorities said Boyd told them the SUV was hidden in a barn then moved to another location the next night.

Wilson was also convicted of possession of a firearm while under DOC supervision. The jury recommended a 10-year sentence.