SEQUOYAH COUNTY, Oklahoma - An Arkansas man drowned when the boat he was riding in sank on the Robert S. Kerr Reservoir Monday, November 20. Oklahoma Highway Patrol said the boating incident took place around 12:30 p.m. near the Applegate Marina in Sequoyah County.

A trooper's report said Claudie D. Copeland was out on the water with Sallisaw resident Jackie D. Copeland. The men had the motor of the boat up out of the water, and the boat began taking on water due to lake conditions, an incident report states.

Troopers say the men couldn't get the motor back down into the water, and the boat eventually sank. Jackie Copeland, 46, was able to swim to shore trying to get help.

Claudie Copeland, 69, drowned about 80 yards from shore, a trooper said in his report. He wasn't wearing a life preserver, the trooper's report states.

The younger Copeland, who was treated for minor injuries at the scene, was wearing a personal floatation device.