TULSA, Oklahoma - Dan Williams saw it advertised in the City of Tulsa surplus auction in 2015 and couldn't pass it up.

“What's really cool for us jeep geeks is when I ran the serial numbers, it was made in Dallas Texas on Veterans Day 1942, so this year is its 75 birthday,” said Williams.

It celebrated its new life in this year's Veterans Day Parade. Throughout the renovation process, which is beautiful by the way, Williams found out the Ford Jeep spent most of its working life at the Douglas Aircraft plant here in Tulsa.

“They took this and modified it into a people hauler,” Williams explained.

They added seat-backs to make it more comfortable for the people being shuttled up and down the three-quarters of a mile length of the plant.

The Jeep was maintained up until about 2003 and was in surprisingly good shape when he got it.

The engine is pretty much as it was and it still runs great he says.

“In Europe, they called them pneumonia wagons, for obvious reasons,” said Williams.

Rescued from the surplus auction the old veteran is a beauty.