CLEVELAND, Oklahoma - Meth and a syringe full of blood were found at a Cleveland gas station. Officers said there was so much meth, they're sure whoever owns it intended to sell it but left it behind.

Employees at Murphy USA noticed a Walmart bag and found just over 57 grams of meth, divided up in different baggies, along with a syringe with blood inside.

Officers said the meth has a street value of about $2,500.

Investigators think whoever left it behind was in the restroom when a group of people he was with drove away.

A sergeant with the Cleveland Police Department happened to be at Walmart Wednesday night when a manager told him he saw a group of people acting suspiciously.

The sergeant said he kept an eye on the group of five and pulled them over for a traffic stop, but only four people were in the vehicle - the fifth was still at the gas station.

"If they're out there using that and wanting to come to Cleveland, go away. Go do it somewhere else because we don't want it here. We'll get ya," Terlton resident Frank Clark said.

Employees quickly called police after discovering the meth. Chief Clinton Stout thinks it may have only been there for a few minutes.

By the time police got there, that fifth person in the group ran off.

If workers hadn't spoken up, Stout said someone else could have gotten to the syringe and meth before police.

"If a child was to get that and think it was candy and ingest it, they could overdose. It could ultimately kill them if they ate enough," Stout said.

No arrests have been made yet.