TULSA, Oklahoma - Police arrested a Tulsa couple Thursday afternoon on child abuse and drug complaints after finding them passed out in their home and two children, ages 2 and 3, locked in a bedroom.

The couple is identified as 29-year-old Jason Hernandez and 28-year-old Jori Goble.

In their arrest report, police said witnesses who were taking care of the couple's 5 year-old called after trying to contact the couple several times.  The witnesses also saw two other children looking out a bedroom window.

After knocking on the front door and not getting an answer, police broke into the home and took the two children out of a locked bedroom.  They then found Hernandez and Goble lying passed out next to loaded gun on their bed.

Police said the couple admitted to having methamphetamine in the home.  

Child crisis investigators turned the children over to DHS and Jason Hernandez and Jori Goble were booked into jail.