TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies used pepper balls to help end a standoff Sunday afternoon in Turley.

They said two men, identified as 45-year-old Carl Robinson and 19-year-old Dylan Pearce broke into a man's garage near East 67th Street North and Peoria.

Deputies said one of the men surrendered immediately but the other climbed into the rafters of the garage and refused to come out.  After about an hour, deputies used pepper balls to try and force the suspect out, but eventually had to go in and get him out.

Carl Mason said he's been burglarized several times in the past.

"They had broke in the house and broke the back window out and got in there and just kept coming back. And every time I'd nail it up, they'd break it apart," Carl Mason said. 

Both Robinson and Pearce were arrested and booked into the Tulsa County jail on second-degree burglary complaints.