ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - A brush fire on land owned by country music singer Garth Brooks threatened several Rogers County homes.

The fire along Keetonville Hill is now under control after burning for about 24 hours. Firefighters said the brush fire burned about 50 acres, put nearly a dozen homes in jeopardy and tested the faith of some homeowners, like Ruthann Sokal.

“I'm just nervous. But I'm a born-again Christian and God's in control,” she said.

Sokal knows God is in control, but said she prayed firefighters would get the fire under control. She said while firefighters worked around the clock to put the fire out, the flames keep creeping closer to her home.

“You can see the path that it's taken coming down over that mountain right now. And it's headed directly to my house,” she said.

Plumes of smoke could be seen in the air as the fire burned through the brush along Keetonville Hill.

Firefighters had to navigate steep terrain and other dangers and asked us to fly Osage Drone 6 over the scene to help them figure out their next steps in fighting the fire to keep the blaze away from nearby homes.

Bryan Owens got a frantic call from his mother about the fire.

“I thought it was a small fire. I thought my mom was just freaking out, but after I got here that was not the case,” he said.

Firefighters said the weather conditions didn't help. It’s why they urge people to be extremely careful when burning.

“Winds blowing. The humidity is low and these factors have a definite influence on fires,” Limestone Fire Chief Carl Smith said.

Sokal prayed for the best, saying she couldn't handle another loss.

"I'm a little nervous. I lost my husband a year ago, and if I lose my home I lose everything that he left me," she said.

So far, we haven’t seen any damage to homes or property. Firefighters also said there are no injuries to report.