TULSA, Oklahoma - Big Brothers Big Sisters is looking to help kids in the Tulsa area have a better future by surrounding them with positive role models.

“We are looking for volunteers that can really take these children and help them live to their fullest potential,” said Big Brothers Big Sisters Tulsa Area Director Matthew Morton.

More than 100 kids are on the waiting list for mentors and some of them have been waiting for more than a year because they are having trouble getting volunteers.

“We mostly like playing games and stuff,” said Chester Rolland.

Rolland goes to Marshall Elementary School near the 61st and Peoria area and has been partnered with his big brother Christian Vaughan for more than a year.

“I always felt like I needed a pretend big brother because I don't have any real big brothers,” said Rolland.

Growing up in what’s known as a high crime area, children often lack positive role models, so Big Brothers Big Sisters is working to fill this void to help break the cycle of crime in the future.

“One on one relationships can have a really big impact on changing a child's life forever,” Morton.

Several of Rolland’s classmates also meet with mentors during the week, but many are still on the waiting list, including his little brothers.

“They have been on the waiting list for over a year,” said Morton. “They want to be like their big brother and have a big brother at the school.”

Vaughan said he wanted to get involved in mentoring because he feels it's important to give back to the community.

“I think that's what community is,” said Vaughan. “It’s reaching out to one another getting to know one another rather than just keeping to yourself.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters works to match kids with mentors who have similar interests.

“Children that have mentors do better in school; they are more confident in themselves and their relationships with their family,” said Morton.

Having someone on their team can make all the difference.

“I think that just knowing that someone is on your team, I'm on Chester's team, Chester is on my team and that we can always have a friend,” Vaughan stated.

Big Brothers Big Sisters has a campaign for No Shave November to encourage male mentors to sign up.

You can visit their Facebook page to enter to win two Thunder Tickets, Dinner in Bricktown and a one-night stay at Aloft in OKC.

If you want to sign up to be a mentor, visit their website.