TULSA, Oklahoma - Police continue to search for suspects after a shooting at a convenience store Tuesday afternoon near 31st and Mingo.

They say as many as 15 shots were fired and they believe it is gang-related.

Police say an 18-year-old victim was shot in his abdomen, but is expected to be okay.

Officers say the victim showed up and met up with a man in a blue jogging suit.  About the same time, a driver of a Lincoln MKZ pulled up and they all got into a fight.

Police say the driver of the Lincoln pulled out a pistol and started shooting, hitting the 18 year old.

Officers say the man in the jogging suit also pulled out a gun to shoot back and ended up firing into a nearby taco trailer, almost hitting an employee.

Everyone ran off after the shooting toward a nearby apartment complex and one of the buildings in the complex was struck by a bullet.

The victim was later found at a second apartment complex nearby and taken to the hospital.